Silly cat 😂

Do you know how sometimes your cat goes crazy about something?

Well, if yes, welcome to my world… my cat goes crazy about my Poppy toy from Trolls.and she goes super duper muper crazy about laser beams… she even climbed a wall following the laser !

Check the video, it is hilarious!


My kitten always meows when she is bored.

When she finds something, she is like eow eow eeoow!  I love her !!!

Whenever she does that, my dad calls her and she comes.

Or she sleeps when she is bored.

I do not think that I have ever told you that my cat’s name is Buttercup.

My kitten’s 🐱 picture four weeks after we adopted her!

This picture is four/4 weeks after we adopted her. She was so cute and still a baby kitten when we adopted her – she was one/ 1 month old. Animals Lebanon rescued her from a car engine and her mother seemed not to be around. But now she has us and we are her family now.